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What is Getting Down to Business?

It's easier to say what it's not!

It's not a course. It's not school or uni or TAFE or an apprenticeship or traineeship. 

It doesn't have exams or assignments.

It's not a one-size-fits all business program.

It's not going to cost you any money.


It's funded by the Victorian Government to support people aged 16-25 years who live in Victoria and have a business idea, a start up or already run a business.

It's operated by Enterprising Partnerships - a not-only-for profit company that is constantly inspired by young people who want to create businesses for themselves and others.

It's offered via webinar, skype, over the phone or face-to-face. 

It's tailored to you to help you grow your business, start up or business idea.


It's awesome.

Get free mentoring

Aged 16-25 years from anywhere in Victoria to work on your business idea, build your start up or expand your business.

Be one of 40 entrepreneurs

Why should you be interested in apply for

Getting Down to Business 2017?

One-to-one coaching from experienced and professional business coaches to help you develop your idea, start up or business.

Get free business coaching

Access Lightning Learning™

Meet other business owners, founders and people with business ideas aged 16-25 who are part of Getting Down to Business. We have Stretch Days and Roundtables where you can share ideas, solve problems, build networks, collaborate and add value to their idea or business and yours.

Meet other business owners

Meet famous entrepreneurs

Hear their story so far - how they built their business, good and not so good decisions they made and advice they'd give to you as you develop your idea or business.

Individual mentoring from volunteers who come from your industry. They will help you create networks and guide you to develop a sustainable business.

Not everyone lives in cities so access online webinars, resources and knowledge to help you grow your business or work on your business idea when you need it.

Getting Down to Business.   

Steve and Katharina talk about what they got from         

Our sincere thanks to Moreland City Council for the vision.

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