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Be quick! 

Applications close 30 January, 2017!

Getting Down to Business 2017 Accelerator

Over the past three years, more than 120 young people aged 16-25 years have completed Getting Down to Business, a 10 month long Victorian Government funded youth entrepreneurship program for young people who have a business idea, a start up or an existing business ready to expand.

They have participated in webinars, roundtables, Stretch Days, coaching, mentoring and pitch sessions.

They've developed their ideas, built their start up or scaled their enterprise and they've learnt what it takes to run a successful business.


Getting Down to Business has changed for 2017!

Funding concludes on 30 June, 2017 so we're focusing on accelerating the growth of businesses owned by young people aged 16-25 years from across Victoria.

That's right! Getting Down to Business is an Accelerator Program!!!!!


It's awesome.

Access to free mentoring

Aged 16-25 years from anywhere in Victoria who already run a business and want to expand it.

Be one of 40 entrepreneurs

Why should you apply for the

Getting Down to Business 2017 Accelerator?

Monthly Stretch Days (4 March, 1 April, 6 May and 10 June); access to business coaches; and free access to Steve Blank's How to Build a Start Up video series.

Free business coaching

Access Lightning Learning™

Aged 16-25 and share ideas, solve problems, build networks, collaborate and add value to your business and theirs.

Meet other business owners

Meet famous entrepreneurs

Hear their story so far - how they built their business, good and not so good decisions they made and advice they'd give to you as you scale your business.

From volunteers with rich business experience who could help with the growth of your business or give you technical skills and networks to strengthen your enterprise.

Not everyone lives in cities so access online webinars, resources and knowledge to help you grow your business when you need it.

Steve and Katharina talk about how their businesses benefited from Getting Down to Business in 2014.   

Our sincere thanks to Moreland City Council for the vision.

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